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Monday, May 23, 2022

Active recovery workout: Balance and Stability

This week we have one more active recovery routine. Remember that these exercises help us to recover faster. 

It is a way to rest the body from intense exercises without having to stop exercising. 

Remember that as much as we like to stay active, rest days are also necessary to avoid wearing out the muscles and injuries. 

These workout routines are short, don't require many repetitions, and are low intensity.

The focus of it is mobility, balance, stability, and coordination. 

The routine will consist of 5  simple exercises, which you will require if you wish for a stability disk. But this is optional.

We will perform the exercises for 40 seconds each, with a pause of 10 seconds between exercises. We will be doing 2 sets.

1.- Knee hugs or knees to the chest: You can perform it on an unstable surface (optional).

2.- Hip openers 

3.- Leg balance with toe reaches: You can use an unstable surface (optional).

4.- Leg balance with arm 3 direction Reach.

5.- Single leg deadlift reach: you can use an unstable surface (optional).

Before performing this workout routine, you can do a short warm-up focused on the joints; if you wish. 

It is not necessary to do intense stretching after the routine remember that these exercises do not require much effort and demand of the muscle. 

But you can do a light stretching routine. 

Total body stretch

Daily stretching routine 

If you consider this routine is too advance for you or want to do different exercises you can also check my other active recovery workout here.

Some aspects to consider while performing the routine:

  • Keep your breathing relaxed at all times.
  • Always try to have a good posture to avoid injury.
  • Do quality repetitions.
  • Don't overexert your body. 

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