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Monday, May 16, 2022

Mental health: Why it's important to have a mental health day to improve it?

What is mental health? 

It is a state of "well-being" in which a person finds a balance between physical, emotional, psychological, and social health. It influences the way we think, act, and the way to handle the good and bad events we face daily. 

In general, many of us do not dedicate a day to improving our mental health, and we have many excuses, but the reality is that we do not do it because we do not understand what benefits it brings. 

Good care for our mental health helps us release stress, stop burnout, and increase productivity and creativity. 

It also helps prevent anxiety and depression problems. It helps to lead a satisfying life with good relationships. 

And to have better management of complicated situations that arise in life. 

How can I take care of my mental health?

There is no specific answer, as we are all different; what works for some may not work for others, but here are some ideas that may help you. 

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  • Take a day off,  preferably in the middle of the week. You must dedicate this day to yourself, relax, do some activity of your interest, etc. 

  • Try to "forget" about your work commitments on this day. You can even sleep more if you consider that this is what you need. 

  • Try to plan it, schedule it with time, so you can let your coworkers know or organize your activities. That way, you'll not be thinking about the things you haven't done.

  • In many jobs, it's complicated to take a day off, but if you do have a day off or you do not work on weekends. Respect those schedules and avoid answering calls and work issues. 

  • A regular mental health day can help you improve your performance and productivity at work, and the more regularly you do it, the more you will notice the difference. It could be once a week, every two weeks, etc. 

  • Do things completely different from your daily routine. Go out to eat, go to a spa, watch a series or movie, walk your pet, maybe a short trip, or even stay in bed late. 

  • Don't wait until your stress level is too high to take this day. The goal of these mental health days is to help you keep your stress level from rising.

Your mental health should always be your priority; remember that not everything is work and obligations. 

If you have already asked for a day off, relax, enjoy it and take things calmly, without rushing. 

We all have difficult days or weeks, and sometimes one day, 24 hours is all we need to recover. 

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