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About This Blog

Nayacerola it's a Fitness, beauty & health, blog written by Nallely she has a degree in international studies.

Her main job is as a capoeira instructor. a Brazilian Martial Artist; Since 2009

As an athlete, she cares about how to stay healthy, and the importance of taking care of her body. With her passion of teaching and helping others, she creates routines for beginners based on capoeira exercises to make them more fun.

As a woman, she loves everything related to beauty, makeup, and skincare. I especially enjoy trying to create her own products experimenting.

This blog its all about fitness and some beauty tips. her purpose is to give all of your advice so you can have different alternatives and find what its best for you.


To contact Nalley for business or collaborations please send an email to or submit your message through the contact section of this blog

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