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Monday, January 3, 2022

8 Best Healthy Habits to start the New year

A new year is beginning, and the best way to start it is by creating new healthy habits to help you improve your mental and physical health.

Our mental and physical health are connected. For a healthy and balanced lifestyle, you need to create habits that contribute to both. 

If you want to stick to your new habits, it's better to start with small actions that will lead you to start this new habit. 

1.-Create a Self-care schedule:

Dedicating time for yourself and prioritizing your mental health is one of the most important habits to learn to incorporate into your routine.

Excuses like I don't have time, I have too much to do, only leads to a lifestyle with too much stress with physical and mental exhaustion. 

You can start with establishing a single day where you dedicate yourself to yourself; it doesn't have to be all day, but you can create a schedule and respect it. 

2.-Set boundaries: 

Setting limits helps us to have a better relationship with people and is a way to give ourselves respect. 

Sometimes we don't set limits because we believe we want to be calm and avoid confrontations.

It is important to establish what you want, what you like, and what you are not willing to do or tolerate. 

Learn to say no when you don't want or agree with something. 

3.-Eat more healthy ( set an eating schedule):

The habit of good nutrition can be a bit complicated for many, and this is due to their misunderstanding of "what is healthy eating."

It starts with establishing a meal schedule, i.e., eating at the same time every day. 

Having different meal times or even skipping meals makes you prone to diseases such as diabetes, obesity, hypertension. 

Gradually incorporate more vegetables and fruits into your diet.

If you consider it necessary, go to a nutritionist to help you improve. 

4.-Create a sleep schedule:

An established bedtime schedule helps to eliminate insomnia problems since it improves the quality of sleep.

 It will be easier to wake up the next day without feeling tired because you will be respecting your biological clock. 


5.-Set small goals every month:

Setting small goals every month is a good way to stay motivated at all time. They don't need to be big goals; they can be small things like reading a book, drinking 2l of water every day, etc. 

They can even be goals that help you reach a bigger one.

6.-Read more / learn something new:

Just as we exercise our body, it is also important to exercise our minds. 

You don't need to spend a lot of money on a new course, many free applications help you learn a new language, read a new book, even in another language if you prefer, learn to write with the other hand, etc. 

Exercising the mind helps to delay memory loss and prevents mental illness. 

7.-Exercise more:

Having a sedentary life can cause different health problems. To lead an active life, it is not only necessary to go to the gym, but there are also many activities that you can do even outdoors: running, walking, cycling, skating. 

You can start with one day a week for an hour or try a class of an activity that interests you. 


Lately, journaling has become fashionable, which is keeping a journal.

You spend about 5 minutes a day, either in the morning or at night (if you prefer both), and write affirmations, positive thoughts, feelings, or just how your day went. 

It helps to manage anxiety, exercise the mind, change negative thoughts to positive ones, and help you relax.

These are a couple of ideas of new healthy habits that you can start this new year.

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