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Monday, April 4, 2022

Discipline or Motivation. Which one is best?

When it comes to exercise or training, which one is better to have, motivation or discipline? 

These can go hand in hand, and you don't necessarily have to choose. To better understand it, it's necessary to know the difference between them. 


Motivation refers to the emotional part, it's the feeling, the desire to do things, being in the mood. 

It's what will make you act, to create or establish goals or objectives and create the means to achieve them. 

These can increase or decrease as it is influenced by the events and activities of our day today. 

That's why it's important to include some activities that can help you stay motivated most of the time. 

7 ways to stay motivated every day 


Discipline, on the other hand: refers to the reason; why you want to do them and an objective to be achieved, regardless of whether we feel like doing it or not. 

Discipline it's the constancy of performing specific actions; which will lead to the success of a particular goal. 

Discipline usually has a reputation of representing something bad suffering, obligation, "harm." 

But it is required to achieve any goal we set for ourselves in any area of our lives. 

Discipline is not a bad thing; it's the ability to control certain impulses that can keep us from achieving the proposed objectives; and lead a more organized life and helps create habits.

When we talk about discipline in physical activity, it means commitment, dedication, constancy, and progress.

Going back to the initial question: which one is more important?

They are both important because you require both; the motivation to start and the discipline to continue and not quit. 

Motivation helps to set goals and objectives in the short, medium, and long term.

Motivation will help you start working to achieve these goals; discipline comes in the days when you lose that motivation. 

And in a way, discipline eventually will bring back the motivation. 

One is not better than the other, but they go hand in hand because, in the absence of one, the other is the one that will help you not to give up. 

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