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Monday, December 21, 2020

How to Plan and Accomplish the New Years Resolutions


The new year is coming, which means it's almost the end of this crazy year. 

Every year we set up resolutions to start the new one better than the previous one. I don´t know about you but, me, I'm not good at doing them.

Planing a new year is a little tricky as we start making the resolutions so excited at the beginning but, as the year goes it´s hard to keep up or we even forget about them.

This is why I decided this year instead of giving you a list of ideas for new resolutions, is better if I give you some tips to help you plan your goals to make the next year so much better and accomplish your goals.


I know it's exciting to start fresh the new year, and there are just so many things we want to do and accomplish. that we make a huge list of so many goals or resolutions to make. 

Its better and more efficient if instead of creating a list of many things you would like to accomplish. Just write one and focus all your energy on making it happen.


The best way to decides which goal or resolution to focus on for the new year is to think about what happened last year.

What you didn't do, what went wrong, or what you would like to improve. 

This way, you have a starting point to plan your goals.


Yes! a vision board can help you achieve your new goals or new years resolutions. When creating a vision board, you are working on creating solutions. And a way to achieve your goal!. Plus, visualizing your goals is one way to attract what you want.


Make sure when you are working on your goals to keep in mind unforeseen circumstances, vacations, work schedule. Anything that can "work" against you. 

This way, you can always take the time to work on that goal. 


This one is self-explanatory. If you want to have a better year and being able to achieve everything you propose to do, you need to change your habits.

Stop procrastinating, be more positive, be more organized, etc.


It means that if you have a huge thing you would like to accomplish like, getting a new job or be more healthy or start a new business, you can create a list of small resolutions that will help you achieve that goal.

For example, My main goal is to start a healthier life. My other resolutions could be: drink more water every day, start exercising, start eating more vegetables, etc. 


It might be the most important one of all. If you don't have a specific reason why you are doing these resolutions or goals, you won't have the motivation to do them. It doesn't matter how big or small your reasons are; all it matters is that, is good enough for you to motivate you to go and get it.

It is a small list of tips on how to plan and achieve your new years' resolutions or goals ( however you want to call them), but I wanted to share advice that will help you instead of giving you 20 or more overwhelming steps.

Thank you so much for all the support, for dedicating your time to read and follow the blog.

I wish you all a Happy and successful NEW YEAR!

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