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Monday, December 7, 2020

Self Care Gift Ideas for Christmas

Struggling to get the perfect gift for your loved ones? Finding the perfect gift doesn't always mean the most expensive gift or the most popular one. 

This year has been so crazy, and stressful for many of us so, why don`t give a more personalized gift.

Show them that you care, understand them, and want to help them feel better with a self-care gift box!

If you don't know what to put in a self-care box, don't worry, because  I have a list of ideas that can help you get it ready for Christmas or any occasion.

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links, meaning, at no extra cost to you I will earn a small commission if you click through and make a purchase. For more information visit the disclaimer section of this blog.

Scented candles: 

They are perfect to create a relaxing and peaceful ambiance in the room. They are the perfect "treat yourself-gift" for a relaxing day at home or home spa day. 

This one (the picture below) is from the target: it is a lavender and thyme-scented candle, perfect to create the most relaxing environment. 

The best part is only $5.49

These cards have a super cute design on the front with a positive quote and are blank in the back, so the person can write their affirmations. 

These can help to get rid of any negative thinking and start changing your mindset to attract more positive things in your life.

Most people love a good body lotion and even better lip balm to help keep their skin moisture, but, if you are wondering that giving them a body lotion on its own, may not be a good gift, how about one of these Burts bees gift set that has: body lotions, lip balms and even make up.

A journal to help them start the day with positive thinking, this type of journaling is design to take only 5 minutes of your day to focus all your attention on only the positive things in your life helping improve mental well-being. 

This specific journal has every day guided pages to help you get started!!!

If they don't like candles, an essential oil diffuser is a great alternative. You can choose your oils, make a combination of them. 

This one, in particular, I have it and I love it!! because you don't need water.

You only need to add a couple of drops of your favorite essential oils in the fiber pads that come with it and that's it!

If you will give them an oil diffuser you might as well include a small set of essential oils to get them started, this set has 6 different scents, that will help them create the perfect ambiance to relax at home or office.

I love face masks; they are always a good gift for anyone. 

Perfect for a relaxing day at home. 

This gift set has five different facemasks to treat yourself: exfoliation mask, hydration mask, detox mask, and more. Perfect for a gift box!

This is not like a regular blanket it is designed to help you get a peaceful sleep by giving you a comfortable hugging feeling. 

Great for anyone who has trouble sleeping or has been under too much stress, or just to keep them warm and cozy during the winter nights.

Another good gift idea could be to get them a subscription to a yoga class or to meditation apps that are so popular and can have them on their phone all the time. 

I always like to add a mug with some chocolates or the ingredients to prepare hot chocolate, because who doesn't love chocolates, right?

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  1. I love the idea of getting affirmation cards.

  2. I love them all! I am a big fan of sets such as the body lotions and lip balms one!

  3. These are awesome ideas! Self care is important.