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Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Upper Body Workout At home With Recovery Bands

Because we are all in quarantine, and probably looking for stuff to do at home. 

If you decided that this time is the best opportunity to start working out, I have the perfect routine to work that upper body. 

 The routine is for beginners, or anybody who struggles to gain arm and shoulder strength, all you need is a recovery band. But if you don't have a recovery band you can use water bottles.

If you prefer to use weights and more complex exercises, you might want to try out my arm workout with dumbbells that's focus on biceps and triceps.


1.-Bent over row 30 secs
2.-Tricep kickback 30 secs
3.-Upright row 30 secs
4.- Bicep Curl 30 secs
5. Stand Press Shoulder 30 secs each arm!
6.-Lateral Variation Raises 30 secs
7.-Reverse fly 30 secs

The whole routine is 2 sets of all 7 exercises 30 seconds each, a 10-sec break between each exercise!

 Here is a little video so you can see how to do each exercise. Stay safe!

You can also check my leg workout at home here:   At home Leg workout for beginners

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