Monday, May 11, 2020

10 At Home Workout Equipment You Must Have

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11 At-Home Workout Equipment

Do you workout at home? Due to the current situation, most of us don´t have a choice, we either workout at home or we don't work out at all. To me not working out is not an option!

You don´t need full gym equipment to workout at home, but if you are looking for better results, trying to build your gym at home or just some gear to spice up your workouts, I have a list of 10 essential equipment that you must have, and they allow you to do a full-body workout.

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1.- Upper body Exercise tube: It is like a recovery band, but it has a little more tension than a regular recovery band. It is ideal for strengthening: biceps, shoulders, tricep, and back. It can be used for yoga exercises, pilates exercises, resistance training.

2.-Resistance or recovery bands: They usually come in a pack of 3, with 3 different resistance levels: light.medium and heavy. It's perfect because they can be used for multiple workouts and you can exercise your entire body with them: glutes, legs, arms, core, stretching, etc. If you don´t like lifting weights then resistance bands are for you.

3.- Pilates Mat or Yoga Mat: It`s a must, for every exercise at home. you don't want to do your sit-ups and push-ups on a hard floor right? you need a mat that provides a cushion for your body so you can focus on your workout.

4.- Dumbbells and Kettlebells:  which one to choose is up to you. They are both great for toning muscles, and add a little weight to your home workouts, especially for those who never lifted weights before.

5.- Medicine Ball: It's great for strength training, and can be used for a variety of exercises like situps, push-ups, squats. Another great alternative of adding some weight to your workouts and make it dynamic.

6.- Jump Rope: A jump rope is a basic, for every fitness lover. As you can you use it if you are looking to lose weight, tone muscles, increase endurance, or just as a warmup before your workout routine.

7.- Yoga blocks: I love using yoga blocks to help me stretch and practice more complex movements. But they can be used for balance, push-ups, they can be used for support in some exercises or poses.

8.-Pilates Ball: These stability balls are great for working out core stability and balance training. Plus, they are so much fun to work with.

9.-Stability Disc: They are great to improve your balance. Using a stability disc in most exercises will engage your core making it functional and strong.

10.-Foam Roller:  A massage roller is perfect for soar muscles, or any muscular pain and tightness it can also be used to break down "knots", to help increase your flexibility and help relieve back pain. Its a must for everyone who workout.

What is your must-have at-home workout gear?


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