Daily Habits That Are Damaging Your Hair

Daily Habits That Are Damaging Your Hair

Hello! in today's post I'm giving you a list of bad habits that we usually do on our routine that damage our hair.

Maintaining healthy hair seems to be impossible and very expensive, but it really isn't!

You don't need to buy expensive products or go every week to the salon, all you have to do is avoid these habits that are the enemies of a shiny and healthy hair.

Although most of these habits are our daily routine and sounds crazy to stop doing them, we can begin to reduce the frequency with which we do them.

1. hot baths: Hot water opens the pores, leaving the hair dehydrated fragile and brittle, it is best to wash it with cold water.

2. washing excessively or not washing the hair: Washing your hair removes natural oils that are produced to stay healthy and dries the scalp. Not washing it clogged the pores and do not allow hair growth. Ideally is best to wash every two days or every other day.

3.- The use of flat irons, blow dryers, curling irons: The constant application of direct heat to the hair burns it leaving it weak; it is best to avoid using it often and if it is difficult to stop using them as the dryer us it in cold temperature and with a protective spray.

4. Poor diet: Having a poor diet is reflected not only in our skin but also in our hair because we do not consume protein and vitamins that the hair needs, it tends to look dull and may even start to fall.

5. Combing wet hair or tie it: The worst mistake we make is combing wet hair when the hair is wet is too brittle and may break more easily.

If you tie it when it's wet, it will not allow the hair to dry completely and eventually can cause it to fall.

6. Using a lot of hair products: the constant use of gel, hairspray can cause clogged pores, plus most of them contain alcohol that damage and dries the hair. Try not to use them as often and let your hair breathe.

7. tighten much: tightening the hair when you can break it since you're forcing to stretch more. You will only contribute to a premature hair loss.

8. Dye it:  the chemicals that are in the hair dyes, dried and weakens the hair root. If you like to dye your hair try not to change the color as often to give it time to recover.

I hope this post was useful for you and if you know any more tips to avoid damaging your hair please share them in the comments!!

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