Steps to a Healthy and Happy Life

Steps to a Healthy and Happy Life

Having a healthy life includes a variety of adjustments in our life that includes, better-eating habits, lifestyle, exercising, and well, of course, our genetics; but obviously, we can´t control that, So let us focus on what we can control.

When we hear a healthy life the first thing that comes to mind is: I only have to eat salads I can´t eat what  I like, it is too expensive, is too much work, that is not for me. Honestly is not that hard and is not that expensive.

 Our body is the only thing we have to carry os through this life, to be able to work and do everything else, so It is the most important thing to care about. 
It may seem a little hard at the beginning since we don't really know where to start, we try to follow strict diets and intense workout routines that we end up not liking so we give up.

This is why I decided to share with you 10 tips that would help you start a healthy life, easy and simple. I have been changing my habits for a couple years now and this is how I started.

1.- Change your grocery list.-  Try buying more fruits and vegetables to your list to combine whit your food, start with the ones you already like, and work your way into the "new ones". Go for the fresh food and avoid everything that is processed.

2.- Cook.- I know some of us ( me included) don´t like to cook but, if you cook your own meals it is cheaper than buying from a restaurant or buying those pre-cooked meals and you know it is going to be healthy. Try not to fry everything I know is more delicious but it is better to eat your grilled chicken or roast beef.

3.- Water.- This one is one that I say in almost every post. But it is essential to Drink more water. The ideal amount of water we need to drink is 2 Liters a Day. This has to be plain water, juice doesn't count!

4.- Eat more fiber.-We often forget about this, fiber helps regulate our bowels improving the correct function of our system. It also helps to make us feel fuller so we don't eat more calories than we should. 

5.-Limit the number of sodas and alcohol you drink.- Sodas are nothing but sugar in a bottle, I'm not saying get rid of them, but try to reduce the number of these liquids you drink. Water should be your priority.

6.- Sleep.- We know we need to sleep 8 hours every day, and for some may seem impossible as we work a lot but. What if instead of being on your phone till midnight you sleep early. What if you leave everything ready at night so you can get one more hour to sleep. Everything is possible you just need to organize your self.

7.-Excercise.- We all love to spend a Saturday or Sunday on our couch watching Netflix, but, what if we spend the weekend running for 1 hour at the park or doing yoga or maybe just walking the dog. Exercising is the key to a healthy life because it does help prevent sickness and relieve stress.

8.-Love your self.- healthy living is not just physical but also mentally and emotionally, Low self-stem leads to an unhealthy life, appreciate your self, don't be so harsh on you, stop comparing your self to others. We are all unique, different, and beautiful in our own special way.

9.-Meditate.- We, not all know how to meditate or even like it, but, having quieting our minds is also good for our health, our mind is so powerful. Meditating calms our soul and helps us center our energy to be more balanced, also helps relieves the stress of everyday life.

10.- Be Happy with your life.- We are all different, not everything is meant for everyone. Are you not happy with your job? change it. Not happy in your relationship? change it. Don´t like where or how you live? change it! only you have the power to do it. Even these simple things can make a difference.

Nowadays people seem to be more stressed and frustrated about everything, nowadays there are more people and kids dealing with obesity, more girls dealing with an eating disorder due to false expectations from social media. It's time for us to take a step back and realize this isn't good for our selves and start a journey to a better and healthy lifestyle, remember is not it is not just about eating healthy, is about feeling healthy physically and mentally.

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