6 Natural Ways To Deal With Menstrual Cramps

6 Natural Ways To Deal With Menstrual Cramps

Menstrual cramps! well, I believe most women know what that is! but just in case a menstrual cramp is a painful sensation that most women feel in their lower abdomen when they have their menstrual period.

Of course, there are some women that are so lucky they don't feel anything ever! but some have mild pains, and some others have really painful menstrual cramps.

This pain can be influenced by the amount of stress in your daily life, the lack of exercise, the amount of water you drink daily, and your diet wheater it is healthy or not.

Of course, these factors are not just the only ones that can affect your menstrual pain, so I strongly suggest to go to a doctor if your cramps are so painful.

There are many different ways to release the pain during your period, but today I'm going to show you a couple of natural ways I have done that have helped me with my pain every month.

HERBAL TEAS: Yes drinking a nice hot cup of tea helps your body to relax, and that helps the pain to calm down some of the most common and effective teas are: cinnamon, chamomile, and primrose because they not only will help you relax but they also have anti-inflammatory properties.

ESSENTIAL OILS: if you don't like drinking tea, essential oils can do the exact same for you, you can use them as you normally would or have a very gentle massage in your lumbar and low abdominal area with the oils. Lavender oil is a really good option for this.

EXERCISE: Yes be active!  as more active you are the chances of getting menstrual cramps to reduce. ( of course, is not always the case, so I do recommend to see a doctor) during your period is also good to exercise and stretch to help relieve the pain, I also notice that lifting weights does help me a lot to reduce my menstrual pain. So it really depends on what you like and how you feel, you can try yoga if you are not that active and it will change your life!

FOOD: The things you eat affects how your body works, try to have a healthy and balanced meal, every day. Eat more vegetables and fruits and less process food. Consume more food rich in iron as we lose so much of it during our period. Drink more water! remember 2 liters a day!

HEAT: Apply a warm cloth or heat cushion in your belly, the heat will help reduce the swelling and relax the muscles in that area. A great tip for this is: Grab a sock and fill it with rice, put it in the microwave for  1 minute and place it in your belly.

KINESIOLOGY TAPE: This one is my go-to actually! if you have tried many different things but still nothing works try kinesiology tapes  ( this are the colorful tapes everyone who practice sports wears) they are really easy to use, and help to reduce swelling and helps to improve the blood circulation on that specific area. All you have to do is to follow the instructions on the tape and will last for 7 days.

Remember that not everything is going to work with everyone, these are just my tips, the ones I have used and has worked for me, and may or may not work for you, Remember to visit your doctor first to learn why you are having such painful menstrual cramps as he will give the respective medication.

I really hope these tips can work for you and help you have a less painful period, and as always don't forget to share with me how you deal with menstrual cramps

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