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Wednesday, July 11, 2018

How To Properly Wash Your Face

Washing our face is a routine thing we do every day and we assume how we do it is the proper correct way to do it, I mean how complicated it can be, right? Use soap and water.

Believe it or not, it is not that simple and you are possibly doing something wrong, how do you know if you do something wrong?
  • You tend to have more pimples
  • Your face looks opaque
  • The pores are noticeable and open
  • Skin may feel dry or very oily

If you notice some of these changes in your skin it is a sign that you are doing something wrong and you must change something in your cleaning routine.

So in this post, I will explain to you the correct way to wash your face.

You must wash your face every single morning when you wake up. Why? When you sleep you also sweat and accumulate death skin that must be removed to prevent clog pores. 

Use the cleanser of your choice, I personally like to use the Clinique mild liquid facial soap. But. If you like using regular soap, avoid robing it all over your face, instead, rub it on your hands to create foam and with that foam clean your face.

After you have to rinse your face, gently dry it well with a towel and use the facial toner of your choice. In the mornings, I prefer using rose water as a facial toner. 

Apply moisturizer. This is a very important step! It doesn’t matter what type of skin you have (oily, combination, dry) My go-to is the Cliniquedramatically different moisturizer.

Apply your make up as you will normally do.

In the morning, it’s pretty easy and simple, I’m sure you are all doing It right at this point. Now that the day it is over its time to clean our face again, and here is where we usually make one of the biggest mistakes ever. 

Remove the makeup with your makeup remover, I normally use a gel makeup remover by Clinique, because, it’s not oily, but sometimes I like to use the Neutrogena makeup remover wipes.

After removing the makeup comes the huge mistake we usually make: we think because we already remove the makeup our face its clean and there is no need to wash it and we can just go to bed. But we are WRONG. 

Yes, we did remove the makeup, but there is still some makeup in our pores, there is also dirt, and pollution, and more dead skin. We do need to wash our faces once again.

We wash our faces the same way we did in the morning. I like to use a baby hairbrush to gently massage my face with circular motions to make sure a have a deep cleaning, kind of like an exfoliation. 

Why a baby hairbrush? Because the bristles are so soft that won’t damage the skin but it will help to deep clean the pores.

After rinsing the face dry it gently with a towel. Remember don’t rub the towel just presses it gently against your face. 

Once again, you’re your toner at night I like to use  apple cider vinegar toner because I have oily and prone to acne skin.

Apply moisturizer and any treatment you use for your skin. 

So, this is the proper way to wash your face every single day, just 2 times a day, you are not over-washing it, and I promise you will see the difference in your skin will look healthier. 

Due to it’s a routine that we do every the single day it’s so easy to miss a step or maybe we are running late or we are so tired that we don’t want to do all the steps, but that’s a luxury we can’t afford if we want healthy looking skin and if we want to avoid future skin problems.

Hope you all like this post and find It useful and share with me on the comments: 

what is the one common mistake you usually make when washing your face?

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