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Monday, June 7, 2021

Easy Hamstring Stretches To try at Home

Do you know how to stretch your tight hamstrings?

When we do stretches, we don't always do them properly, not just because we have a poor posture: as I mention in my previous post about the most common stretching mistakes

But, because we are not using the proper exercise to stretch a specific muscle. 

Especially when we do leg stretching, there are different exercises to stretch the muscles of our legs, and each one is for one or two specific parts. 

Not all exercises will help stretch the entire leg.

Stretching exercises like any other exercise that we do;  there are different ones for each specific muscle: quadriceps, hamstrings, inner tight, etc. 

Today we are going to do a specific stretching routine focus on our hamstrings. 

If you don't know where your hamstrings are, don't worry.  The hamstring muscle is one of your posterior tight muscles ( the back of your leg).

It's  hard to improve the flexibility of our hamstrings because we don´t do proper stretches for that muscle. 

We focus our attention on stretching the quadriceps and the hip flexor because we think that's what we need to do to gain flexibility.

Today's routine is going to be just for  the hamstring muscle; we are going to do two different levels of it:

1.- Only for: stretching and cool down. To avoid sore muscles and loosen them up. 

2.- To gain flexibility on the hamstring that will also improve our leg flexibility.

If you are looking to gain flexibility you will need:

  •  a yoga block or something similar 
  •  resistance band or a yoga strap

It doesn't matter if you lift weights or only do bodyweight workouts; You can still do this stretching routine and get results. 

Remember to: only do stretches after your workout and not before to avoid injuries. 

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