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Monday, February 1, 2021

Creating Healthy Habits


I'm sure you have seen in every single social media platform the phrase: have healthy habits or switch to healthy habits.


A healthy habit is a behavior that creates benefits to either physical or mental health or both. Usually requires discipline and self-control.

Now that we know what it is, HOW DO WE GET THEM?

We keep hearing and reading that we have to have healthy habits for a healthy life but, 


It is not as hard as you think, but; it does require compromise, have an open mind, and be willing to do the change. 

Here is a list of steps that can help you create healthy habits and keep them.

1.- Know your current habits:

Be aware of everything that you do: eating chocolates every afternoon, taking a nap every day, drinking every Friday night. Everything that you do, especially if you make them often. This is the very first step, to identify which habits are not good for your health. 

2.- Identify You Problem:

what does this mean? Why do you think you are not healthy physical or mental. 

If you are stress all the time, what is making you feel like this

You need to lose weight, what are you eating? Do you exercise?

Are you unhappy?

Knowing this will help you start on the new habits.

3.- Make the Plan:

Start small, with one or two habits like stop buying junk food every time you go to the grocery store. 

Smalls steps will allow you to don't lose track and motivate you because you will see results.

If you start with six different changes, it may cause you more stress, and you might give up. 

4.- Keep track:

The best way to stay focus and keep it going is to track your habits. I use a notebook where I write a list of the new habits I did that day:

exercising, drinking more water, eating fruits. 

AT the end of the month, I check how often I kept those habits.

5.- Change your mindset:

The most important part. If you want results, you want a change; You need to change your mindset.  Don't complain that is hard, don't start thinking that you won't be able to make the change.

Complaining and being negative is one of the worst habits that we all have.

6.- Be patient:

The most complicated part, we want to see the result right away, and if we don't, we give up!

Everything takes time, but you need to be consistent to see results. 

Enjoy the journey; it will be more fun for you. 

7.- Be kind to Your self:

Changing is hard, accepting that we need to change is hard, don't punish yourself because you didn't exercise today, or because you ate a cookie.

The first month will be the hardest for any habit you want to start.

Overall these 7 steps help me to start changing my habits. The process may be long but it's worth it, especially when you start seeing the results. Because they motivate you, to keep going.

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