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Monday, January 14, 2019

How to Achieve Your Fitness Goals

To me, All January is basically a full month to prepare and get everything in order for the rest of the year and that includes my resolutions or goals that I want to achieve this year. 

I know most people have as their goals to get fit so for today's post I have decided to give you a guide to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Establish your goals: The very first step is to establish your goals and this is the most important one you have to be specific to what you really want: want to get more strength, increase your muscles, increase your resistance be able to run 5 km, anything!

Inspire, Be Motivated: If you don't have good reason to do it, you probably end up not doing it. 

You lack of motivation is because you don't have a good enough reason to accomplish this goal! 

Find one that really inspires you: you wish to run a marathon, want to be more flexible, want to look more gorgeous in that bikini for summer, want to have better health. 

Any reason that is good enough for you to do it.

Visualize it First: Your mind plays an important part in this if you can see if you can do it! I have practice 3 different sports in my life, in all of them, my coaches always said: You have to be able to see yourself doing it, visualize yourself doing what you want to do, how you have to do it and then make it happen!.

Don't Rush: Once you have your goals, don't rush in to be able to accomplish it. you have to start slow and accept the fact that it is going to take probably a couple of months to get the desired results. 

For example, You want to be able to run 5km a day but you have never run before.

Be real you won't be able to run 5 a week you need to start with at least 1 km a day and not every single day because you need to let your body adapt to this new routine first. 

This is ok! It is not a competition, BE PATIENT!!

Track your progress: This step can help you stay motivated, but don´t go crazy because if you get obsessed it will also make you lose your motivation. 

What can you do? You can take pictures every 2 -3 months to see the difference, track the exercises that you do for example now you can only do 10 push-ups, and by the end of the month, you were able to do 20 push-ups. 

Your measurements take them at the beginning and then 3 months later and so on. This is just to see your progress.

Relax: Don't feel pressure about this, you have to enjoy the fitness journey. 

If it makes you feel stress, anxious is not going to work. 

Don't be harsh on yourself at the beginning for missing a couple days, your goals must be realistic otherwise you will only feel pressure on yourself and have fun because exercising is all about having fun while you get healthy.

It is a small guide but I assure you while following it you will be able to accomplish any fitness goal you set up to. 

And like I say is all about taking the stress away and have fun

What are your fitness goals?

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