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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

My Leg Workout Routine

If you guys didn't know besides this blog I also have a job, and my job is teaching capoeira to kids, teens, and adults. 

One of the many different things I love about this sport is that we work out our legs a lot because it is the base of every single move.

Today I thought I will share My specific leg routine with the most basic capoeira moves, Hope you guys like it and found it as effective as I do.

Before we start,  remember it is important to warm up every time before starting your workout to avoid injuries and it is also important to stretch after you finish your routine.

The first exercise is really simple, all you need t do is hold the squat position for about 10 to 20 seconds. Remember to keep your back straight and your hips low. We will do this 3 times.

The second one is really similar to doing lunges, So we start with the lunge position ( one leg in the back one in front) Do not cross the legs! you will flex both legs all the way down until your hand touches the floor and then go up. If your right leg is in front. If your right hand will touch the floor, if your left leg is in front, then your left hand will touch the floor. Keep your back straight and your hips low; your back knee should not touch the floor, your front knee should bend down. 

For this exercise, we will repeat 10 times for each side, 2 sets.

For the final set, we are going to switch legs between every "lunge" with a little jump and we are going to repeat it 10 times, just 1 set.

For the third exercise, we will keep the lunge position and we will rotate to one side and do a squat, we rotate back to the previous position and we will repeat it 10 times 3 sets for each leg. 

Don't forget to keep your legs bent all time.

And for the very last exercise, we are going to do 2 sets of 10 repetitions combining the 3 exercises above.

We start in our squat position, move the right leg back to the lunge position,  bent the legs all the way down to touch the floor, we go up keeping our knees a little bend we rotate to the side and do another squat, rotate back to the lunge position, open your legs to go back to the first squat position.

Now the other side. We already are in the squat position son lets bring the left leg back to the lunge position, bent the legs all the way down until we touch the floor, go back up and rotate to the side do a squat, rotate back to the lunge position and open up the legs to the original squat position.

If you really want this routine to work and have good results you need to keep your legs bent all the time, go from one position to the next one keeping your legs bent, that way your legs work.

I hope you guys like my leg workout if you tried it at home please share your experience here on the blog with me I will love to read them. 

I really like this type of exercise because it is different from the common leg routines most people do and it is very dynamic.

The amount of repetitions and sets per exercise that I mention here in the post is just a guide to help you, of course, you can do as many repetitions or sets you want or feel it would work better for you.

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