Why you need to use Resistance Bands in your workouts


  Why resistance Bands are your new best friend

If you are new to exercising or probably thinking about making a change in your routine and you are looking to tone your body and gain strength You have arrived at the right place.

I have been working out for 9 years and I go back and forth with different equipment to improve strength, flexibility, resistance, etc.  But my favorites are the resistance bands and today I'm going to share with you all my reasons.

Resistance bands are my everything! and I don't understand why most people don't use them, they are not that scary or difficult to use and you can exercise all your body with them.

They come in different colors, types, and tension levels, they are cheap and lightweight so you can carry them everywhere; you can use them at home, at the gym or take them with you while traveling. 

They are perfect to use for rehabilitation exercises after an injury, because of the different tension levels they have, they can help you gain mobility and strengthen the affected area.

You can target smaller muscles to work with and strengthen joints (shoulder, knee, ankles, wrist); using a resistance band will also help with coordination and stability while working in those specific areas.

They make all your training more challenging and offer variations of the same exercise since you can create tension from different angles depending on how you place the band and adjust the resistance to it according to your needs.

You can work shoulder, chest, core, legs, glutes, back, biceps, triceps, everything with a resistance band, it's easy to recreate an exercise that you would normally do at the gym with the band.

What kind of exercises can you d with a resistance band?

leg extensions
glute bridge
lateral band walk
chest press
bicep curls
tricep extension
russian twist
reverse crunch

    among others...


    Is as effective as working out with weights, without the risk of an injury.

    Can be used no matter what kind of exercise you do whether yo go to the gym, do pilates, yoga, ballet or even practice a martial art or just workout at home resistance bands will give take your workouts to the next level.

    How do you use your elastic bands?

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