Is Important To Include Cardio In Your Routine, Here Is Why

Why you should include Cardio in your routine  

When you work out, do you include some cardio exercises? 
Whether you are working at the gym lifting weights or working at home trying to get a six-pack; if you really want to have a complete and effective routine you should do some cardio as well.  And in this post, I'm going to tell you why.

Most people believe doing cardio is just for people who want to lose some weight, and if your goal ain´t losing weight then you don´t need to do it.

This is totally wrong;  cardio does help to lose weight but is not the only reason you should do it.

The main purpose of cardio is to oxygenize your body for a better blood circulation and prepares the body for a more intense workout, not to mention it helps to improve your physical condition.

Doing cardio also helps to level fundamental aspects in your body like the insulin level in your blood helps in the production of proteins and produces endorphins.

Cardio is not only running, using an elliptical machine or mounting a bike, there is plenty of cardio exercises like:

.jumping jacks
.rope jumping
.squat jumps
.skier jumps
.march in place
.jogging in place
.lateral step

Just to name a few ...

When should you do cardio before or after the routine? 

I personally like to do cardio at the beginning of my workout routine as my warm-up.  
But if I'm working only on my core I like to combine cardio with sit-ups.
for some people who lift weights, they prefer to do it after they finish their workout, to accelerate the metabolism and burn more fat.

It will really depend on you and what kind of routine you are doing.

How long does the cardio routine should last?

A good cardio routine should last at least 30 minutes, but if you are starting 10 to 15 minutes it's ok. The purpose of doing cardio is to activate or keep your body active and not overtrain it with intense exercises.

Next time you are working out don´t forget to do your cardio. 

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