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Thursday, August 3, 2023

From Beginner to Pro: Learn How to Do Splits Effortlessly


Today I have another video tutorial, step by step exercises that will help you to achieve the split. These exercises will help you gain more flexibility in your legs, hip flexor and hamstrings. 

Stretching exercises help us reduce the risk of injury, improve our performance in physical activities, help increase our flexibility which helps improve posture, minimizes muscle damage and discomfort, among other benefits.  

We must keep in mind that these types of movements require time, discipline and above all perseverance. They will not come out overnight, even if you have a lot of flexibility. 

It is also important to keep in mind that, in many occasions it is easier or we have more facility to be able to perform a movement only on one side; this does not mean that you cannot do it on both sides, only that it will require a little more time. 

If you do not have any flexibility, you can also perform these exercises, but I recommend that you also perform other of my videos with stretching exercises for beginners that will help you. 

Whenever you are going to perform stretching exercises and especially intense as is the case of the split, you should warm up before, to avoid injury. 

Avoid forcing too much, listen to your body and do the stretches as far as your body can take, as you practice you will gain flexibility and improve the exercise. 

Can I do these exercises daily? 

Yes you can, but it is advisable to start with 2 per week, while your body adapts to the exercises and as I mentioned before, having done a warm-up exercise.

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