My First Time Using a Menstrual Cup

My First time using a Menstrual Cup

Menstruation, period all women eventually got to that stage which is usually uncomfortable and painful for some. Currently, it is still a controversial call it taboo topic because there are still women who think that it is bad talking openly about it even families where the mother does not explain to their daughters about this.

I will not talk about menstruation, I will talk about a product that for me has been the best invention. I started my period a little early, in my opinion, I was always a girl who does a lot of exercises so at the beginning I had no problems like severe cramping ( there are doctors that relate cramps to exercise and diet), but just a  common discomfort in the hip slightly in the womb, etc. etc.

My nightmares were always the sanitary pads, there were thick, felt like a diaper, or were plastic and irritated me.

Growing up I decided to try tampons and those who use them know the whole odyssey that is at first but like sanitary pads, it came a time that they began to hurt and irritate me. Those days of the month became a martyr.

1 year ago I discovered a product they call the menstrual cup.  This is a container made of surgical silicone in the form of a cup. It inserts like a tampon but unlike this, it does not absorb the blood, but it gets accumulated in it and can be used for s longer period of time than a tampon or a pad.  It is great for sports, school. Depending on your flow you can use it up to 12 hours without accidents.

I'll be honest when I first saw on the internet the first thing it went through my mind was what horror!.
The idea of introducing something in my body and the hands filled with blood every time you need to change it was not to my liking. Although it is natural and not saying it's disgusting, but I am of those people who can not tolerate the sight of blood.

I decided to try it and the first two months I use it was difficult because you have to fold it in certain ways so it can be introduced.

Once is insides you do not feel anything! It molds to your body making it comfortable, no spills = no more accidents, is reusable, they are much more comfortable to sleep in. A  menstrual cup with proper use can last up to 10 years.
And no bloodstains when you insert or remove it.

They are available on the internet and there are various brands and various sizes that go according to your physique and if you had children or not and there are also some softer and more firm.

Mine is a Meluna Cup size medium, I got on the internet is quite firm and it comes with a bag for storage and brought their instructions on how to care for and clean. As well as some options on how to fold it.

You can even found videos that teach how to fold the cup.

It is the best feminine hygiene product I've tried but can be potentially expensive compared to tampons and pads.  I consider worth it as it is just 1 purchase compared to how many tampons you have to buy every month. It may not be for all but it is definitely something that all women should try!

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