Friday, September 13, 2019

Review: G´Day Sydney Eye Shadow Palette by Essence Cosmetics

G´day Sydney Eye Shadow Palette

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Today I´m reviewing the G´ day Sydney eyeshadow palette by essence cosmetics, this palette is one of the 4 palettes of the city palettes collection.

I Have never try essence makeup products before, this is my very first one and so far I am impressed.

Let's start with the packaging of the palette: When I first saw it,  got my attention because it has a beautiful print of a sunset beach and I'm guessing is in Australia ( and even if it is not).
The orange colors and the golden letters in the packaging make it beautiful that is hard to not look at it. The packaging also doesn´t feel like the cheap plastic must drugstore palettes had and they tend to break easily, this one feels more durable, firm and well made.

The palette has 9 eyeshadows: 5 "matte" neutral shadows and 4 metallic ones, has a mirror and closes with a magnet.
The reason I say the eye shadows are "matte" is that when I swatched them the first time, I saw that it only actually has 2 matte shadows: a light kind of a cream color one and the dark brown.

The other 3 eyeshadows have a little hint of shimmer,  I don't mind about it but, I  did wish they were all matte.
The metallic ones, to be honest, are the ones that got my attention and the reason why I bought the palette: it has an "ice blue" a "copper" a "green" which is by far my favorite and a "darker blue" kind of like a "teal blue"

All the colors are really beautiful and they look like they complement each other, the aesthetic of the palette is just perfect and the pan of the shadows are a decent size compare to many drugstore ones.

Now let's talk about how they perform.

I found that that they are a little dusty, when you place the brush in them you will have fall out which it doesn´t bother me but I know some people do so it is good to mention it.
The pigmentation of the eye shadows are really good  I was kind of hoping that the metallics will pop up a little more than they do but they are not bad.

All the shadows feel soft, creamy and blend easily on the eyelid.

The cost of the palette was 170 Mexican pesos, $9 US dollars. which makes it very affordable i got mine at walmart

Would I buy the palette again?: Yes! it is the first time I try essence cosmetics, to be honest, I didn´t know they had a makeup line,  I only knew their nail polishes, I think for a drugstore product, it has good quality.  The size of the pans are very decent and the palette is not huge so it can easily be travel or a grab to go palette.

Here is a look that I created with the palette, I like how the colors look, how good and easy was to blend them. The picture was taken in natural light not edited to show you the real pigmentation of the shadows.

Have you tried this or any of Essence cosmetics palettes?


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