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Today I have another makeup tutorial. this one is more summer appropriate with pink and yellow colors, it won´t be a super bright eye makeup look, so, if you are not into a colorful eye makeup look like me, this is perfect, because it will be a really soft "natural" look. It is very easy, anyone can recreate it. Remember you can use the color combination you like.

Let's get started with the tutorial!

The very first thing I did was apply concealer all over my lid I used the Clinique all about eyes concealer. I´m using it as a primer for my eyeshadows.

I apply a nude eyeshadow color that is closest to my skin tone, all over my lid. This is going to help blend that pink eyeshadow. I used the shade naked from the Urban Decay Naked Palette.

I'm going to apply a pink eyeshadow, I used a Becca Cosmetics Blush in the color Hyacinth. I am going to apply it all over my crease and the outer corner of my eyelid. And in going to blend it well to make sure there are no harsh lines.  An also on my lower lashline.

With my finger, I´m going to apply a yellow eyeshadow from the middle to the inner corner of my lid and lower lash line. I'm using a Maybelline single eyeshadow. with a blending brush, I will blend the two color together so they meet in the middle of the eyelid.

I´m going to apply a highlighter in the inner corner of the eye and the brow bone. I´m using champagne pop by Becca Cosmetics.

To finish it all I'm applying mascara 1 I´m suing Divas Lashes by Pupa Milano.

Here is the final result!

I love this makeup look because is very soft and subtle but still has some color and looks very summery. There is a video of this makeup tutorial on my Instagram if you want to go check!


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