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Maybelline Lenomade Craze Palette | Review

Maybelline Lemonade Craze Palette

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Today I’m bringing you a review on the Maybelline lemonade craze palette. I know it’s been out for months in other countries but it’s pretty new here in Mexico and it’s been hard to find it but I finally did.
When I first saw this Lemonade palette its colors got my attention, it just looks so summery to me.
I did notice that the presentation is different from the ones in other countries (I don’t know why) but still a pretty small cute palette and looks Perfect for traveling.

It says that it has a citrus smell, it does have a nice pleasant smell is not so strong.  As you can see in the palette the colors look so bright and pigmented. Which is what got my attention.
It has 12 different colors: 8 Matte and 4 shimmers.

As I swatch them I can see that the matte colors are a little dusty and patchy, but the pigmentation is not that bad. They don’t feel creamy as other eye shadow palettes I’ve tried but to me, they feel good quality and soft.  Now the shimmers perform a little better and do the pigmentation in them.

from top to bottom: old fashion/ ice pop/ strawberry lemonade/ berry ice

from top to bottom: citrus/ sweet tea/ sherbet/ main squeeze

from top to bottom: sugar coated/ coral punch/ kemonade craze/  sunnies

The pictures are taking in natural light.

This one is by far my favorite, it swatched so well and the pigmentation is even better.
Add caption sugar coated

In the swatches I can see that the colors are not as bright they are in the palette but still really nice to me.
When I try to do a makeup with it, I notice that even though it has good pigment, blends really nice the colors are not bright at all they are more like pastel colors.
I personally don’t mind it actually I like it I was as little worry that the colors would be too bright for my liking.
I personally not a huge fan of Maybelline eyeshadows as they tend to be not as pigmented or easy to blend ( in my opinion) but I really like this lemonade palette. In the back of the palette, there is 3 mini tutorial to recreate 3 looks, which I find really nice to help you combine the different colors, especially for beginners!

Would I recommend it? Yes, I would recommend to buy it I believe is worth your money as long as you are aware you won’t get super bright eye shadow looks.
If you. We’re hoping to recreate a bold look, then this palette is not for you.
If you like soft colors or starting working with colors like me and want to experiment then yes this is for you!
Is it the best palette I ever used? No, but considering it retails for 15 us dollars here in Mexico, I do believe you get your money's worth.

One thing I notice is, I look on YouTube some videos of people using this palette to see how it performed for them and I did notice that for people with more fair skin tone the colors pop up a little more, which It kind of bugs me. So maybe using a lighter concealer, primer or paint pot will help you to achieve a more colorful look with the palette but it won’t be as bright as it looks in the palette.

Here is a picture of a look a create with the palette. The picture is not edited I took it in natural light to show you how it really looks. As you can see the colors are very soft, creating a more natural look but with a pop of color instead of the common neutral tones.


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