Monday, February 4, 2019

10 Things I No Longer Buy


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On today's post, I´m sharing 10 things that I no longer buy. I started changing some stuff that I used to buy constantly first because I needed to change some products that were causing me irritations and were making me feel uncomfortable, along the way these products turned out to be more environmentally friendly plus are perfect if you want to become minimalist or switching to zero waste products.

Menstrual products: pads, tampons, besides the amount of money I spend every month, they made me feel so uncomfortable. 4 years ago switch to a menstrual cup ( I have 2 posts talking about them here and here) I use the Yuuki cup, I feel so much better and comfortable during my period, I have fewer cramps and I can´t believe the amount of trash I no longer produce!

Panty liners: I made the decision to hand made my own panty liners with cotton fabric. They are reusable and easy to wash. And so much comfortable to wear.

Makeup remover:  I´m now using a mix of different oils ( olive oil, avocado oil, and coconut oil) as my makeup remover, I feel like it removes my makeup so much faster than a regular makeup remover, plus helps to deep clean and hydrate my skin too.

Makeup remover wipes: I handmade my own remover pads with cotton fabric that I can reuse as many times, plus I can use them to clean my face when I use the oil cleansing method and environmentally friendly.

Shampoo: I only stop using shampoo a couple of weeks now, and even though the first couple days my hair felt weird, now is finally detoxicated from all the chemicals and now feels so smooth. I use a mild soap to clean my hair and only wash it every other day. If you are wondering why I don't buy shampoo bars instead of using soap well to me are the exact same thing.

Hair products: hair creams, mouse and all those hair products to have a smooth, shiny and healthy hair I buy no more, instead I switched to oils I mainly use coconut oil on the ends and occasionally  I switched to olive oil or a natural mask made with fruits like papaya.

Deodorant: Sounds wear but! yes, I don´t buy deodorant, no matter the brand if it was a bar, spray or roll-on I always ended up with irritated armpits from the deodorant.  I have been making my own for 3 years now you can find the complete recipe of it here if you are interested. I do recycle an old deodorant container, my armpits have never been happier.

Moisturizer: face creams, body butter I made them my self as well, you don´t need that many products to create them just 3: coconut oil, cocoa butter and beeswax you can add any essential oil of your liking. My face feels so much better, it reduced the oils in my face, my skin doesn't get as dry as it used to.

Lip balms: I know there are many lip balms brands that make them with natural ingredients, like EOS but I ended up with so many lip balm containers I didn´t know what to do with them, so I started to recycle them by creating my own and now I no longer buy them.

Wax or shaving products:  I hate shaving, it irritates my skin so much. It took me a while but I was finally able to make sugar was ( if you want to learn how to make it click here for the full recipe) but finally mastered the recipe I haven't switched back. The results last longer, my legs are smoother and no longer have ingrowth hair issues.

These are just some things that I made the decision to switched to more natural and reusable products. The change wasn't easy and I didn't do it all in one day. If you decided to make changes like this keep in mind that is a process some people take longer than others to adapt.


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