Thursday, October 11, 2018

My Makeup Collection

My  Makeup Collection

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I don´t know about you but I really enjoy watching and reading about other people's makeup collections, I found them inspiring to get more products or any good recommendations.

I used to get sad because my collection is so small and most girls have such a big and beautiful collection, but honestly, who needs that much makeup?  I barely use the one I have.
So I am sharing my minimalist makeup collection with you to show you do not need an excessive amount of makeup for your self.

In the picture below is my entire collection, I keep it on top of my vanity in this little blue box with dividers.and my brushes are next to it

The very first makeup products are my lipsticks as you can see I have 10 of them and most of them are Maybelline It is my favourite lipstick brand I believe Maybelline is the best drugstore brand. As you can totally see I dnt go for bright colours my most bold colour is the purple one and it is my favourite and the rest are nude or pink colours.  It is easier for me to combine those colour more with any makeup I use.

Let's move to the face products, So I run out of foundation but lately, I have been Using this BB cream by Clinique it does have spf I don't fancy that, but I like it because it feels really light and it is buildable you can get full coverage with more layers.

I Use  concealer also from Clinique ( You can tell my favourite brand is Clinique ) It is  great concealer, very light doesn't crease on the under eye area, has a great coverage.

I have a couple of powder products the first one is the Mac  Studio Fix compact powder, I love this one because I can use it along with the concealer and would get a nice coverage and great natural look,

Then my favourite bronzer fo all time, the Hoola Bronzer by Benefit, it is a really natural looking bronzer  and it is close to my skin tone sometimes i don't use it just  as a bronzer, it does give a nice warm colour to the skin It is the perfect bronzer to me.

For blush I own 2 blushes the first one is the beloved Orgasm by NARS I like that it does look natural and has a slight shimmer which makes it look beautiful and flatter

The second one is the BECCA SPLITS a Collaboration with Jaclyn Hill in the colour Hyacinth is a really brivant pink  when I saw this I was like omg this colour is gorgeous but if you use too much it does makes you look like a clown so you have to be careful. But applied correctly looks really pretty and well in the same product I have my one and only highlighter because who need more than one?

This One is in the colour champagne pop is a gorgeous colour it has a soft gold with a pinky-peach pearl finish and it is perfect no matter your skin tone to me is the best Highlither ever.

Moving on to the eyes we are almost done, the very first product is my mac paint pot in the colour painterly is an eyeshadow primer, I prefer this to any other primer.

My Mascara this is the Divas Lashes by Pupa Milano, I really don't hear many people talking about this brand, I love the mascaras they always give a natural look to your eyelashes never leave any clumps of mascara to me are the best mascara brand that exists.

 I have 1 single shadow the pink one from Loreal from the infallible collection. I like it is very shimmery and looks kind of like metallic gives a girly finish to any eye look.

I have this mini Maybelline Pallete that has only 4 shadows to create a natural look, it is the perfect size to take with you for travelling.

I have here my very first palette ever I got this when I was starting with makeup and probably will get rid of it soon because it is really old but it is a Nude Pallete from Nyx the quality of the shadows are not that good but it gets the job done and I love the fact that has neutral colours on top and then has a little compartment on the bottom with 2 blushes and darker shades  to create day and night looks.

My last product and eyeshadow pallete and a recent addition to my collection is the Naked Palette from Urban Decay, I got it because as I said i will probably get rid of the NYX one and because Urban Decay announced they will be discontinued the pallete and It is something I really wanted for a long time and I haven't even played with it but I'm planning to.

I do prefer neutral shades, I feel more comfortable with them.

I hope you guys like my collection, I don't own many products because I barely use the ones I have, my day job doesn't require me to wear makeup because  I teach Capoeira ( Martial Arts) So I´m always exercising. But maybe one day I decide to add more products to the colection who knows!

what is your favourite product in your entire collection?


  1. I love the minimalist approach! I have the makeup I use daily and anything else is unnecessary lol! I am a total fan of the orgasm blush from NARS and the original naked palette! Will have to look into some of these other ones!


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