Sunday, October 28, 2018

Gray Smokey Eye Makeup Look Tutorial

Gray Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial 

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Today I’m sharing another makeup tutorial with you guys this time is a night makeup look in gray. Hope you like it

First thing I’m going to do is prime my eyelids with a Mac paintpot, I am going to use the color naked from the urban decay naked palette to use it as a based.

Now I’m going to use the color buck from the same palette and I’m going to mix it with this taupe color from maybelline and blend it all over my crease area.

Now I’m going to use the color gunmetal from the Urban Decay Naked  palette and place it all over the lid.

With a black eye shadow I’m going to place it on the outher corner of the eye and I’m going to go back with the taupe color from the maybelline palette and blend it.

I’m going to use a lighter shade of grey to place it on the inner corner of my eyes and I’m using a NYX  palette and I’m going to make sure that it mixes with the darker gray that I already have and blend the edges.

With all this blending some of the darker grey is lost so we are going to go back and dab some of that gray shadow from the Urban Decay palette in the middle of the eye to bring it back.

Moving on to the lower lash line. First thing im going to do is use a black pencil eye liner in my water line.

I’m going to use a small brush to put some of that black eyeshadow in the outer corner of my eye and the dark gray in the inner corner of the eye both colors should meet in the middle, now I’m going to grab the color Naked from the Urban Decay palette and with a small pencil brush I’m going to blend those color to soften the look.

I’m going to finish up my makeup I´m using champagne pop as my highlighter, hyacinth as my blush both from Becca cosmetics and I decided to use a dark red lipstick so I used a red lipstick from Clinique and mixed it with a purple gloss from maybelline.

And this is the final look:

I loved the combination of a dark grey kind of Smokey eye with a bold lip I think is perfect for a night look specially if you are going to a party or a nice dinner.

 I try not to edit the photos because i want to show how it really looks with the most natural lighting possible.

Hope you guys like this look and if you recreate it let me know in the comments down below 


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