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The 9 Makeup Brushes you actually need

9 Basic Makeup Brushes You Need

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If you are new to makeup you will found that there are so many different brushes out there that it’s kind of hard keep track on what is every single one for. 

I know we see lots of beauty bloggers and youtubers with so many makeup brushes, and, you are probably thinking that you need them all. But the truth is you don’t need that many brushes,t for me I believe there are only 9 basic brushes that you need.

Foundation brush
 I love to use a duo-fiber stippling brush to apply my foundation, doesn’t leave any striking while applying and I use less product using this brush than using a flat brush. It is a bit tricky to use it so here is how I do it: Apply a bit of the foundation on the back of your hand, get a bit of that foundation on the white bristles of the brush, gently pat it on your face then swirl gently to blend. Be very gently as only the white part of the brush should move.

This brush its perfect because you can not only use it for foundation you can apply cream or powder product.

Concealer brush
It’s a small flat brush which is perfect to apply concealer under the eyes around your noise and cover every redness or imperfection you have.

Powder brush
This is a big round brush you would use to apply your powder to set your foundation, I prefer to use a mini kabuki for this, because I don’t have a big face also doesn’t grab tons of product and it’s the perfect size to set my undereye area.

Angled brush
The perfect brush for applying blush must be an angled brush because this makes it perfect to defined some angles of your face and apply the perfect amount of blush on your cheek bones and is perfect for contouring as it won’t leave a harsh line between your blush and bronzer.

Flat Shader Brush
To apply your eyeshadow you only need a flat brush and you will gently pat it all over your lid there are different sizes of this brush but for beginners this will depend on your preference. 

Blending brush
This is a small fluffy brush with soft bristles this brush will help you blend your eyeshadows to create all different looks and apply highlighter under your eyebrows and the inner corner of your eyes.

Eyeliner brush
The eyeliner brush it’s a small angle brush the bristles are not that soft but this is perfect to create a fine line on your eyelids and you can use it for powder and gel eyeliner. Also, if you can you it to draw your brows with powder or pomade and will make it look natural.

Pencil brush 
It’s a small brush that looks kind of like a pencil. It’s perfect for blending highlighter under your brow, to get product on the inner corner of the eye easily and it’s great for smudging out your eyeliner.

Fan brush  
The fan brush it’s a really big brush in a shape of a fan I like this brush because even though its big doesn’t really caught much product so I like to use it to apply my highlighter and also to swipe out any excess product I have on my fac, and clean any fall outs.

This are the 9 brushes that I use and think are the most essential ones, there are all synthetic.  Personally, I don’t like natural hair brushes because they tend to absorb the product. I hope you find this post helpful and please leave me in the comments what are your favourite makeup brushes.


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