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How To Properly Clean Your Makeup

How to sanitize your makeup

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When it comes to makeup we know we need to clean the brushes and sponges to avoid any bacteria and that we also need to clean our hands before applying our makeup. But did you know it’s important to clean your makeup too?

 Using makeup can be messy especially with powder makeup, it gets everywhere!!!
but there is a simple way to clean it that will also help kill any bacteria in it.

Cleaning or sanitizing your makeup will prevent your skin to break out. If you ever break out after wearing your favorite makeup and don't know why chances are it needs to get sanitize

all you need is:
dirty makeup
cotton balls

To clean the edges of the pallet and in between the actual product, wipe a cotton ball with alcohol and gently clean the pallet without touching the eyeshadows or pressed powder etc.



To clean the actual makeup, you can do it 2 different ways:

With a cotton ball remove the first layer of the makeup and then spray a little bit of the alcohol on the makeup and let it dry

The second way would be to wipe a cotton ball with a little bit of alcohol and gently press over the makeup to remove the first layer and let it dry.  this second method will also remove all the excess powder over it from the other eyeshadows that are next to.

Cleaning your makeup and makeup tools will prevent causing the bacteria to grow on your makeup, that way they won't transfer to your skin and won't cause you to break out.

You can sanitize your makeup once or twice a month and don't worry, the alcohol won't change the consistency of it or the pigmentation on it.

Remember to also clean your makeup bag 

How often do you sanitize your makeup?


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