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Coastal Scents Makeup Brush Kit: Review

Coastal Scents Makeup Brush Kit

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Today I'm doing another review for you, I enjoy trying out new things so I can write about them to share with you my experience and recommend or not a product.

I have been looking for new makeup brushes, and I wanted to get a set that has the essential brushes as I don't use that many. Wondering around I came across this Coastal Scent set with 16 brushes a brush holder and a shampoo to clean them.

I have never used this brand before, I have read and seen videos recommending this brand for two reasons: it's affordable and has good quality.  I found the set at Costco at a very low price $20 dollars.

It comes in this big box with a ribbon draw to make it look like a present and says: Pearl Delux Makeup Brush Set with Shampoo Brush Cleaner; has a clear image of the product inside.

On the back of the box has a little picture of each brush and tells you the use of each brush.  I like this little details because if you are a beginner in makeup it makes it so much easier for you to know how to use them.

All the brushes come inside of the holder and if you are familiar with the sigma brushes, the holder is exactly the same; which is pretty cool because I always wanted one of those.
The holder looks like it is made of vinyl ( not sure) and looks well made, doesn't look or feels cheap at all.  And both sides of the holder can be used to hold your brushes and its perfect for traveling.

When you open the holder you can see that all the brushes come with a plastic cover to protect the bristles.

It comes with 6 face brushes
As you can see the face brushes are huge! and also really dense and soft they pick up a lot of product so you have to be really careful. But they made the blending so easy and fast. The kabuki one is ideal to apply your foundation, gives you a natural look.

10 eye shadow brushes
The eye brushes are small but dense and soft too, I like them because I have really small eyes and they fit perfectly on my eyelid, it comes with a couple brushes for blending my favorite one I the angled one is ideal for adding and blending the eyeshadow on the outer corner of the eye and the crease area.

The shampoo is more like a gel, it does clean the brushes and removes all makeup powder and liquid, I don't own any cream products so I don't know how well will remove those. The only issue with this shampoo is that I feel like it leaves the bristles a little stiff it eventually wears off and the brushes are soft again for you to wear them but I don't like that, I prefer my goto brush cleaning method with olive oil and liquid soap.

I did get this set at Costco but I believe you can find them on its webpage probably at a cheaper price and I think they do sell internationally.

Overall I think this is a really good set, is not a professional one, is a perfect set to use at home especially for a beginner, because it has all the essential brushes you will need to get started and you get the description on how to use them in the back of the box. I do have another post about makeup brushes for beginners which you can use as a guide, but if you happen to find a set like this one is even better; also will be great as a gift for anyone who loves makeup.


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