Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Beginners Makeup Kit Guide

Makeup kit for Beginners

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There are so many makeup tools and products that it makes it hard to decide which ones to buy, especially if we are new n the makeup world, and let's be honest, every time we go buy makeup, we fall in love with everything we see: the colors, the packaging everything it’s so pretty and we want it all.
As beginners in makeup, is not always good to just buy what you like, I think it's better to buy essential and basic products, to help us start experimenting.

On this post, I'm going to share a list of the basic products that I think are perfect for someone who is starting using makeup, like, buying makeup for the very first time.

Eye shadow pallete with neutral colors

I love all nudes and browns oranges an all colors that are neutral. for me, these colors are the best to start experimenting, because you can create all different looks whit them from a natural no makeup look to a smoky eye. it doesn't have to be a specific brand, the one I have is from Nyx, it's perfect because it also has some darker colors and two blushes.
the blushes are in a coral shade and a reddish shade which is perfect for any skin tone. 

BB Cream or Tinted Moisturizer.

BB creams are amazing, they cover enough like a foundation but also help moisturize your skin and have SPF.  they are also easier to blend, a lot lighter than a regular foundation and if you couldn't find a perfect color match with your skin, it won't be as noticeable as it would with a regular foundation.

Face powder

A face powder in the right shade can be used to set your foundation or bb cream and also can be used alone instead of the liquid foundation. it can be applied with a brush or the little sponge that comes with it.


Concealer is a must have, to cover any imperfections you want to cover or any redness in your face. can also be used on the eyelids as a primer and also as a highlight.


 Is one of the basics, you don´t need a fancy one, there are a lot of different types out there with different brushes.  you can start with a regular one or if you are not sure about it, you can get a clear one, will also give you a nice curl effect without any color on.

Pencil eyeliner

 For eyeliner, I prefer a gel but as a beginner, it's easier to manipulate a pencil one. liquid and gel eyeliner are a lot better but the pencil it's easier to clean if you made a mistake and you can get also different looks with it and can be used for your eyebrows too.

2 lipsticks

Nowadays you can find a lipstick in any color you can imagine, different textures from matte to glossy. to me, it's important to have at least 2 different color lipsticks: nude one and a bright one. that way you can combine them and create different looks.

Lip balm

Last, but not least a lip balm is something that can't be missed on your makeup bag. same way you moisturize the skin on your face, you need to give some love to your lips as well.

What are the makeup products you can’t leave without ? 


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