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12 Makeup Mistakes You Should Avoid


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 Makeup is our go-to, to highlight our best features and cover our imperfections. But not applying it properly can do exactly the opposite.
To avoid this common mistakes I created a list to help you avoid them.
Maybe your thinking makeup should be all about expressing your self and should be no rules on how to apply it, but don't think about this list as a rule but more like a suggestion for a flawless look.

Using the wrong shade of foundation

One of the most common mistakes is using the wrong shade of foundation because is one of the hardest to match especially when we get it in the drugstore because there aren't any samples to test.  Using a shade too light or too dark can make us look like we have a mask. To find the perfect match is better if you try to match the color to the skin that is in between your neck and the jawline.

Sleeping with your makeup on 

Another common mistake most of us do is to sleep with our makeup on. After a busy day, all we want is to go to bed and relax, we may think what harm can it do if just today I don't remove it? truth is a lot! because you're going to bed with a face full of makeup, dirt, and bacteria, which leads to breakouts. Better to spend a couple more minutes to remove your makeup and wash your face.

Too much blush

This is a complicated one since for some people will say that the mistake ain't the amount of blush  but the color, and you should use only specific colors according to your skin. To me is the opposite.
It is true some colors are more flattering on specific skin colors but that doesn't mean you can´t wear other colors of your liking, regardless of that, using to much color and concentrating it to just the apples of your cheeks will make you look like a clown.

 Instead use just enough to give some color to your face and make sure to apply it along  your cheekbone.

Dark brows

When it comes to the brows, is just like the foundation using the wrong color can ruin your makeup look. Using black to shape your eyebrows can make them look thicker than they really are and wearing a lighter color can look odd.
To achieve the perfect look it's better to use  1  shade lither than your natural color.

Outline your lips

Some makeup trends are not for everyone, in the attempt to achieve bolder lips,  some girls are outlining their lips outside their natural lip line, but there is a thin line between bolder lips and clown lips. I believe it is better if you just follow your natural lip line and the use some bronzer under your lower lip t make it look bigger.

Too much bronzer

Our beloved bronzer can be both our best friend or our worst enemy if we don't apply it correctly. Applied correctly can give us a bronze look or help sculpt the face, but overusing it will make our face darker and won't look natural.


As it name says it helps conceal all the imperfections we have and cover undereye bags. But to be able to achieve that it needs to be applied the right way.
To cover imperfection is best to apply it to your foundation otherwise you will just remove it. To cover you undereye bags is best to apply it in a "V" shape rather than a "u" shape.
Following the natural line of the bag will only accentuate it instead of covering it.

Curling your lashes

We all wish to have long curly lashes but did you know curling them after you apply your mascara can actually harm them? when applying mascara the lashes harden and curling them after that can break them. so if you are wondering why your lashes are falling, this is why! instead, curl your lashes before applying mascara.

Too much powder

A powder is our bestie for selling the foundation, especially for us with oily skin, but be careful with it as applying too much of it can give you a cake face.
To avoid a cake face use less powder and apply it only where you need it.

Preparing the face

If you want to achieve a flawless natural look, knowing how to apply your makeup isn't enough.
You see, your face is like a canvas if the canvas ain't even it will show on the painting, same in your face; if your skin is not hydrated properly and has flakes they will show on your makeup.
Take good care of your skin first and you won't even need makeup.

Blending the shadows

 We all dream of been experts in makeup and recreate those gorgeous eye makeup looks we see all over the internet, in reality, that ain't hard to achieve it's all about blending! the best you blend your eyeshadows the better the look, especially if you are working with dark shadows if you don't then you will look like you have been in a fight. Be patient and blend those shadows.

Cleaning your makeup brushes

The worst mistake we can do besides not removing our makeup is to not wash our makeup brushes. Your brushes too collect bacteria and dirt that will be transferred to your skin every time you use them.
Is not necessary to clean them every single day but once a week or twice a month will be good enough.

What makeup mistakes do you do?


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