Why you Should Use Sunscreen Everyday

Why You Should Use Sunscreen Everyday

Hello in today's post we are going to talk about sunscreen and why we should use it, some of us believe that we only need sunscreen when we go to the beach or to the pool because we spend a lot of time exposing our skin on the sun, or that is just enough to use it in the morning before we leave to work or errands.

Exposing ourselves to the sun for many hours without protection can harm your skin, not just because it can cause premature wrinkles or pigmentation but because the UVA and UVB rays can cause skin cancer.

The sun helps our body to produce vitamin D which helps to prevent depression, infections, and others.  But as everything is, too much sun can be harmful.

Today we can find so many different sunscreens for sports, for kids, water-resistant, with moisturizers, and also with different SPF from 10 to 50+.

It is important to apply your sunscreen more than once a day, especially if you are going to the pool or the beach it is recommended to apply it every 2 to 3 hours, even if they are waterproof is not as effective. If you’re not going to have that much exposure to the sun then you apply it 1 hour before every time you go out.

Remember that even if the day looks cloudy and seems like you don´t need sunscreen, you have to wear it because even then you get exposed to sun rays and it can still harm your skin.

It is also important to apply your sunscreen in other parts of your body not only the face; usually, we forget to apply it on the ears, neck, lips, and hands.

I personally like to apply it in all my body even if the clothes will cover it because it doesn’t protect us 100% from the sun.

This is just some advice I wanted to share with you, if you guys have others please share them with me on the comments and also tell me which one is your favorite sunscreen, mine is Hawaiian Tropic.

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