Oil Cleansing Method

Oil Cleansing Method

 I'm sure you have heard so much about the oil cleansing method, for all of us who has oily skin it may seem the worst idea ever! as we have been told we need to get rid of the oil in our skin to have healthy-looking skin, avoid acne, etc.
Its just natural for us to want to avoid anything that contains oils and believe that oil-free products are best for our skin. But what if we are doing it all wrong?

I don´t know about you but I have oily to combination skin, I have tried many different products to reduce my acne scars and reduce the amount of oil my skin produces especially in the summer. But it doesn't matter how expensive, cheap, or dermatological tested the product is I always end up having a bad reaction to it and I had enough.

Oil cleansing is using oils to clean your face instead of soap, some people use it only to remove their make up some others to actually clean their face. In order to do the ideal cleansing method for our skin, we need to understand how it works.

First of all, it doesn't matter what kind of skin type you have your skin will produce natural oil some skins produce more than others. The more we try to eliminate that oil the more oil our skin will produce, along with irritations for being dry, bacteria, and more, and that is what causes acne and many other skin problems.

By using oils to clean the skin we are attacking oil with oil, this makes the skin feel moisture enough that won't "feel the need" to produce more oil. This oil helps to moisturize, heal, and protect the skin.  I know you may be skeptical about it especially if nothing has worked for you before.

I decided to give it a try. At first, I use oil just to remove my makeup, since I don't use it every day only once a week, it took a little while but I started to see results, fist my skin wasn't as oily as before, second, I stop having irritations around my mouth and nose area, it felt little smoother and the texture started to reduce. I'm not saying I have flawless skin now, but it does look and feel better than before.

You are probably wondering now How do you oil clean your face? well, it may sound as easy as just put some oil and robe it all over your face but it is not.

As any other cleansing method, you first need to prepare your skin by opening the pores with a hot damp cloth, for about 10-15 seconds, then apply and massage gently with the oil for 10 seconds let it sit for another 10 seconds and remove gently with the hot damp cloth.

 Can I use any oil of my choice?
NO, there are many different oils to choose I know but the idea is to choose the one that will benefit your skin type. For example, so many people use and recommend coconut oil but not everyone can use it as for some people causes breakouts and irritation. I personally don't like to use coconut oil alone on my skin I prefer to mix it with something else.

What kind of oils should I use?
First of all, don´t use essential oils, they are not meant to be used as a skin cleaning product neither in a huge amount as they can easily irritate the skin.

Some of the natural oils you can use are:

For oily and combination skin: castor oil, olive oil, and sunflower oil.
For dry skin: castor oil, sunflower oil, and avocado oil.
For acne-prone skin: grapeseed oil, sunflower oil, and castor oil.

You can use just one oil or mixed 2 or 3 together, that will be depending on your liking.  I have oily skin but I like to use a mixture of olive oil and avocado oil because that is what works for me.

One thing to keep in mind is at first your face may seem and feel more oily than before and that is totally normal because it needs time to adjust at the new cleaning method you are using, and this will happen especially if you are used to over clean your face.

This method of cleaning is not meant to be used every single day, I personally use it twice a week and works good for me, maybe you can start by doing it once or twice a month and work your way into this cleaning method.

 I personally have seen a difference in my skin since I started oil cleansing my face, a know it may seem a little scary to try it and I know this may not be for everyone but is definitely something you should give it a try.

What's your cleaning method?

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