How To Make Mamey Seed Oil At Home

             Make Mamey Seed Oil at Home

Mamey fruit it’s one of the most important fruits to have at home, not only it’s a delicious fruit its rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, antioxidants, helps to improve your vision, helps in the production of collagen, helps repair cartilage, bones, and teeth. But also, its seed can be used as a cosmetic product.

The mamey has moisturizing properties, you can use it on your skin or even in your hair. Also, some people believe if you use it on the roots of your hair can make your hair curly but one of the most common uses of it is for eyelashes because it helps them grow.

You are probably wondering how can I use the seed of this fruit? the answer its really easy you use the oil from the seed. You can easily go to the drug store or a pharmacy and ask for some mamey seed oil, it’s easy to find and cheap, but:

you can also make it yourself!

I’m not going to lie, the process is easy but it does take a couple hours to make it, but if you ever want to try to make it or you prefer to make your own product like me, to make sure you are really getting a natural product to use, I’m going to show you how to make the oil in this post.

What you need:
Mamey seeds
A Grater
A Pan
Gauze (just a small piece)
Dark glass jar with a lid to store your oil 


The first step it’s the longest one you need to take the seeds out of the fruit, wash them, and let them dry under direct sunlight for about 1-2 week. You want the almond inside of it to separate from the shell.

The almond it’s a little smaller than the shell, softer and smells really good. Take that almond and grate it, make sure it’s a fine grating.

Once you have all your mamey seeds grated, turn on your stove in a low flame, let the pan heat a little, and start cooking the seeds. Add a little bit of water every other minute to help it make a paste and prevent burning.

You, Will, see it changes to a darker color that’s ok as long as it isn’t black. Let it cool a little bit just enough to not burn yourself. Put the paste on the piece of gauze wrap it, and squeeze it as hard as you can you will see how and feel white color water that comes off of it, make sure to use a bowl under it to save that water.

When the water stops coming out of it, repeat the previous step, reheat the paste and so on, you can repeat this step up to 4 times, you will be amazed of how much water comes out.

Now that you are done you have the White color water and the paste it’s all dry out. Put the water on the pan and turn on the stove again in a low flame. This part you have to be very careful it’s important that the stove it’s in a low flame otherwise you will burn it. As the water starts to heat you will see how it evaporates and the oil starts to separate from it. When all water evaporates it will no longer look white it will look a little brownish at that moment turn the stove off and let it cool down.

It does takes a time to make it, I only did a little bit because I didn’t have many seeds but I do think it’s worth it, I use it on my eyelashes and on the ends of my hair I mix it with argan oil to prevent split ends and also helps to prevent tangling.

What you use mamey seed oil for?

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