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Does Homemade Beauty Products Need Preservatives?

Does Homemade Beauty Products need preservatives?

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Recently I have been asked if it's necessary to include a preservative when it comes to preparing your own beauty products at home with natural ingredients. 

I love making my own beauty products like body butter and lip balms because that way I know whats really in there and I'm not putting any chemicals on my skin. 

I have never considered using preservatives in any of the products I ever made, until, this person asked me that. And I thought it will be a great topic to share with all of you here in the blog.

Let's start with what is a preservative?
A preservative is a substance that can be added to products like food, beverage, medicines etc. basically everything that can grow any type of bacteria and decompose. This type of products have water in them that's why they need preservatives to last longer.

I mainly use oil-based products  to create my own like: 
cocoa butter
shea butter
oils ( avocado, olive, coconut, almond, jojoba) 

What about oil-based products, do they need preservatives? 
No, they don't. Since this product has oil instead of water as a base, bacteria cannot grow in it; this makes the product to stay fresh and last longer than any other product with water in it. 
So, as long as it doesn't contain any water in it, your beauty products are safe to use without preservatives.

I have been making my own beauty products for more than 2 years, with the products listed above, I live in a city where we reach 40° Celsius in the summertime, and never ever had an issue with them going bad or creating bacteria in it or bad smell.  This is just because oils don't create any conditions for bacteria to grow. Just as honey and vinegar, oils can self-preserve.

Regardless, if you create beauty products made with candy as a base, (like some videos on youtube suggest) I do believe this type of products will go bad, not to mention that they are so not good for the skin because you are putting sugar on your skin.  But if you are doing them for fun and not as a regular product, whats the harm in that right?

Other beauty products that can be made at home like setting sprays or green tea facial toners, because they are mainly made with water you will need preservatives or change them at least every week, 

Why water needs preservatives?
Water is essential for life, so any product that contains water overtimes creates the perfect environment for bacteria to start growing in, making the product unusable and probably toxic and eventually, you will transfer this to your skin if continue using them.

There are different natural preservatives that can be used that will help to slow the process of discomposing like:  vitamin c and e, tea tree oil, antioxidants, rosemary oil. meaning they will help your products to last longer but eventually, they will go bad and need to replace. 

Next time you decide to create your own beauty products at home keep in mind whether you are using oil base or water base products to create them; that way you can keep a track on whether you need to change them every week or they are good to go for a long time. 

Do you like making your own beauty products?


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